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    Emily was born on July 7, 1993, and was such a happy baby and sweet little girl. 

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     She was the middle child, her older brother, Michael, just 11 months older then she.  Jack came along two years after Emily was born.  Emily always loved to learn and was very serious about her school work.  In high school she was enrolled in all AP and honors courses, and was on the high school volleyball team for all four years of high school, being voted Captain her senior year by her peers. 


     Emily was a creative and hard working young woman and always took pride in everything she did.  While she always thought she wanted to be a doctor, her creative streak won over and she started on a path to be a pastry chef.  A 2014 graduate of Johnson and Wales University in Rhode Island (summa cum laude) with an AS in Baking and Pastry and BS in Baking & Pastry and Food Service Management.  Her first pastry job was at the Sagamore Resort in Lake George, NY.  She then moved to Naples, Florida in December of 2014 to work at the prestigious Ritz Carlton.  After residing there for 2 and ½ years, she wanted to move closer to home and was hired at Le Cheri restaurant in Philadelphia as the head pastry chef in June of 2017. 


     Emily loved to laugh and was not afraid to love or be loved.  She so enjoyed traveling and had traveled to Spain, Italy and France in high school and had also visited Peru in 2016.  She couldn't wait to pack a bag and stay in a hotel!  She had been saving for her next big adventure.  Emily was a true friend and could lift your spirits with her contagious laugh.  She was always ready with a kind word and smile. 

A life tragically ended too soon.


     On the morning of November 28, 2017, Emily was riding her bicycle to her job at Le Cheri in Philadelphia when a sanitation truck struck her and she was killed.  

     Emily had made the selfless decision to be an organ donor on her license.  After her death, she donated her corneas, bone and skin.  Her life continues on through others, and that is truly a gift.  To learn more about organ, tissue and cornea donation and to consider registering as a donor in honor of Emily, please visit Gift of Life Donor Program’s website:

     Her family and friends miss her every second of every day and are dedicated to keeping her spirit and memory alive.  We hope the Emily Fredricks Foundation will support and lift up many individuals. 

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