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Emily Fredricks Memorial Scholarship, East Brunswick High School


     Annually a $1,000.00 scholarship will be awarded to a high school senior chosen by the Foundation.  The scholarship will be presented to a student athlete of any sport with a minimum GPA of 3.5 who demonstrates selflessness, kindness, compassion for others, and is a positive and optimistic person.  A personal statement of 500-1,000 words describing how the applicant exemplifies the characteristics above is required, as well as two letters of recommendation from teachers, counselors, coaches or community leaders attesting to the character of the applicant.


2023 Scholarship Recipients

Aaron Warner

Samantha Motusesky

Nicole Motusesky 


2022 Scholarship Recipients:

Rebecca Bravman

Samantha Lederman

Lily Phillipczak

2021 Scholarship Recipients:

Jacqueline Gerace

Emily Kuchuk

Benjamin Hong

2020 Scholarship Recipients:

Emila Galkin

Alyna Negron

2019 Scholarship Recipients: 

Alyssa Bondi

Seth Warner

2018 Scholarship Recipients:

David Bermudez

Samantha Balsamo


Emily Fredricks Memorial Scholarship, East Brunswick High School

     Annually a $500.00 award and plaque will be presented to an athlete chosen by the Athletic Director and all sport coaches with a 3.5 GPA or higher and who is very kind, a great teammate, a full capacity contributor, and a hard worker. 

2023 Athletic Award Recipient:

Hailey Kim

2022 Athletic Award Recipient:

Alanna DaCunha 

2021 Athletic Award Recipient:

Megan Lee

2020 Athletic Award Recipient:

Angelina Josiah 

2019 Athletic Award Recipient:

Faith Hutson

List of Past Athletic Award Recipient:


Christian Tarnofsky


Annual Fundraiser

Emily Fredricks Memorial Scholarship, East Brunswick High School


     The girls' volleyball team, coaches and the Fredricks Family host a memorial volleyball game honoring Emily.  The donations received during this event help fund the Emily Fredricks Memorial Scholarship. 

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