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Families for Safe Streets Greater Philadelphia


     Richard and Laura Fredricks, along with several other families who have lost family members  to traffic violence or have been injured due to traffic violence, are founding members of Families for Safe Streets Greater Philadelphia (FSSGP). 


     FSSGP advocates for local policy and legislative changes to reduce the number of those affected by traffic violence. FSSGP is operated by the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia and is a chapter of Families for Safe Streets, which is operated by Transportation Alternatives in New York City.  The Bicycle Coalition provides resources to FSSGP, actively participates in strengthening the functions of and coordination between FSSGP, Philadelphia's Vision Zero Alliance, Families for Safe Streets groups in other cities and states, and the Vision Zero Network.  FSSGP , including sharing information about local advocacy campaigns and tactics, outreach and engagement techniques and experiences, and provides support services for individuals affected by traffic violence locally.


    Brought together by tragedy, the members of FSSGP hope to make positive changes on the streets, while benefiting from the emotional support the group provides. 

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